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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Henry Fuseli

Ravioli Knights

a Broken Ring,
a Vow
That Means
Nothing Now,
Like Spread Thighs;
Cottage Cheese For Seasoning.
That Should Have Been
Like Glue,
Like Rot
Seven Seasons Dead.
In This Room
I Have Been Held
For the Murders of you
I Thought a Friend
& the Mob Who
Bought It
Trying For my Head.
Just me you See
With a Canned Good
Against you
& Three.
the Misery I With Stood
2 To the Chest
& One Beside the Eye.
the 45 Caliber Kind.
to Drain & Die
On This Kitchen Floor
Was Not What I Was Made For.
If I Was to Die
It Was to Be In Battle Sweet
or Between the Legs
of a Lady Riding High.
Not Treachery
Both Foul & Deep.
Luring me With Sex & Song
to the Valley of Sleep;
Having Done
I Went For a Bottle of Beer
& Surprise Who Should I Meet
But 3 Long Shadows
Waiting There For me.
Down I Was InDeed,
Blood Red Agony,
Not a Breath to Breathe,
Pain Bright Dizzying.
Laying There Wondering
If This Was the End For me,
the Vest Had Not Held
& Crimson Was Blossoming.
They Left to Check & See,
To Get the Stuff to Dismantle me.
In the Tub to Bleed
& Then the Cutting;
No, No,
Not For me
As I Slipped Ravioli In a Sock.
I Came to Crush your Skull
my Lovely Little Girl.
Then the Man
Who Came to Gut me Like a Pig
& Then the 2
to Help Move.
It Was Such a Gristly Scene,
Had to Be Burning.
I Will Never Forget
That Night.
Standing Above
Those Broken Things
Screaming Triumphantly
As the Kerosene Burned Bright,
Ravioli Nights


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Henrietta Rae

Henrietta Rae

I Adore

your Shore,



the Coming


A Lovely


a Helping


you Know

you Can,



Many More

Is What

a Friend

Is For



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

William Blake

William Blake

An Offering

Lovely, Lovely, Girl
On the Splattered Floor.
Come To me.
The Nine Hells
Have Pledged To me Thee.
By Altar, Sword, & Seal;
Cross the Gulfs & Voids
of Time’s Mortal Stream.
Seer Guide my Hand;
Fate’s Reel.
The Bargain Struck;
Blood, Strife, & Souls To Steal.
Come Forth,

Before the Sacred Stone I Kneel.
First To Take His Brother’s Life.
First To Covet Another’s Wife;
the UnHoly Bride.
Father Of Our Line.
With Serpent’s Kiss
& Lies Upon my Lips.
Inhabit This Shell
& Once Again This Land
Will Feel Steel
& the Iron Will
Of the Master
Down Below.

Taken From
the Private
of #B27321
Last Son
of a
Fallen Line


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