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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Hans Leu the Elder

Pay Back

I First Heard of Him

When He Came Before the Ethics Committee.

During the Trial of Edwin Mercer

Head of the Obama Corp,

For Crimes Against Humanity.

For the Genetic Testing & Research

He Had Conducted On Inmates

of Both Mental Health Facilities & Prisons

or Any One Else He Pleased

Like the Murder & Detainment

of Any One Who Got In His Way;

Families, Lawyers, Judges

He Killed Them All.

I Will Never Forget

How That Nondescript Man

Walked Down That Aisle

& Demanded

In a Booming Voice

I Claim the Oldest Law of Them All,

I Claim the Right of An Eye For An Eye,

Just As This Man Murdered So Many

He Shall Die

Not Coddled In a Cage

but Right Now

Like the Dog He Is.

I am

Pay Back

& Then

the Screaming Began

As the Bones Were Broken

From His Toes On Up

Till Just a Gurgling,

Mewing, Mess Was Left

& Then Just a Stain.

I Would Learn Later

He Was a Master of Disguise

As Well As

His Own Bodies Matter,

He Could Absorb Any Force Directed At Him

Then UnLeash It How & When He Chose.

Abilities Given to Him by the Very Corporation

of the Man He Had Just Killed.

He Was Test Subject


 & Now He Was a God

Now you Couldn’t Crack His Skin

or Poison His Wine

Now you Can’t Kill Him

He Just Won’t Die



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Henry Fuseli

First Timer

My Worst One Nighter
Followed me Down the Line of my Life.
When I First Fell Down That Well;
Old Was I Having Spent Most of Life In the Pen.
She Was a Present All Willow & Wine,
Fluid In Motion & What a Slick Grip.
a Real Home Coming In True Gangster Land Style
the Party Lasting Well Into Night.
me & Her Going At It Not Caring the Sight.
Stabbing & Stabbing With my Long Knife.
Dripping & Spent Then Into Her Mouth
a Grin Full of Sin & Back To the Mill.
Tired Was I After We Toweled & Dried.
Getting Into Bed I Thought This the Best It Ever Been.
It Was All So UnTrue As They Crept In my Room.
To Silence the Things Never Mouthed But I Knew.
Shoot Us They Did As I Used Her To Defend,
Bullets Cutting Through Her Turning Living Flesh To Dead.
Her Eyes Wide In Surprise As They Dripped Down my Thigh.
Night After Night That Is What I See
Endlessly Reminding That the Chunks Were a She.
An Ash Tray Was All I Could Find As I Used Her To Hide.
Kill Them I Did Again & Again
But Never Was I In Time.


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Howard Pyle

New; Knew

I Don’t Know If Its New,
But I Do Know It Was New To me;
Nor Had I Ever Heard
Such a Thing Described To me.
For I Don’t Believe
They Are From This World or Any Other.
Demons Ripped From Another Dimension;
Nightmares Rendered Real.
Crazy I Know.
That Is Why I am Writing This,
Because Only On Paper
Can I UnLeash
This Torrent of Conflicting Emotion.
To Try To Make Some Sense of It,
To UnBurden my Mind,
Because Sex & Drink
Just Doesn’t Make It.
the First Time
I Was Drifting Through Some Southern Towns
& I Came Upon It,
In a Glass Case;
a Human Brain
With Filaments
Like Spiders’
& It Spoke To me,
In my Brain of Its Need to ImPregnate me.
I Escaped & Returned to Kill It
& Its Keeper.
Once Again
When I Was Working
As a Carny In a Run Down Town,
I Dealt Death to Another
In the Visage of An InSane Clown.
Nothing In the News Papers,
No Bounty On my Head;
I Know I Killed Them;
I Know Their Dead.
I Don’t Want to Go Back;
I Don’t Know If I Should.
Shot Gun By the Bed;
I Can’t Get Them Out Of my Head.
I Can’t Stay I Have To Go.
What Was That,
a Knock On the Door.


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya

your Momma, Obama

His Name Was
your Momma Obama.
Leader of the Muslin Brother Hood,
a Savior Sent to Brutalize Women & Kill Gays.
an Acid Bath or Muzzle Blast was All the Same;
& the Liberals Scream
Let’s Give Them Our Vote.
Fuck the Republic
Give Them Our Throat.
Jihad Is Great.
Jihad Is Good.
Flaming Ruins
Where Palaces Once Stood.
Burn Books, Preach Hate
& Blame me
Cause I Won’t Convert.
Jihad Is Great.
Jihad Is Good.
At Least we Are Not Nailed
to a Piece of Wood.
or Am I Just Miss Under Stood.
Barbarians At the Gate
& you Demand Rape.

I am Just Saying Vet
So we Know What we Get.


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy




What Is Stranger
Than Looking
In to the Eyes
of a Man
you Will Never Meet.
a Wooden Effigy
of a Man
Meant to Save me.
Save me,
From What
a World Gone Mad
From Lust & Spite.
From Religions
Screaming Kill, Kill, Kill,
In the Dead of Night.
From Politicians
Who Want
to Control my Every Right.
What Is Stranger
Than the T.V. Blasting Media
to Make me Number & Dumber
Than Ever Before.
Till I am So Scared
of a Quite Mind
That Constant
& Instant Gratification
Has Drove me Nuts.
Staring In to the Eyes
of a Freak,
a Man Who Thinks
He Can Be Free.
That Shackles & Prison
Don’t Mean a Thing.
That Broken Wings Can Fly.
Stranger, That Man Is me,
the Mirror Reflecting
Till Cracks
Are All I See.
Stranger, Stranger, Stranger,
the Stranger Is me.
Cut Off From the World,
Till my Soul Screams
For Human Touch,
But Strangers, Strangers,
Are All I See.
Strangers to the Pain & Tough,
Strangers When we Know
we Die a Lone.
What Is Stranger
Than Forcing my Mind & Thoughts
In to 200 Word Counts,
to Appease
my Greed & your Need.


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

J.W. Kennedy

J.W. Kennedy

Still Will

To be
to Use
my Mind
to Achieve
In Side
a Cage
That Causes
Is How
I See
my Life
the Limits
Like Sin
the Walls
I Hide
Be Hind
as my
a Sway
Bloody Bastards
I Know
Sick Depravity
my Will
to Live
my Life
my Master
my Answer
Steel Will
to Pursue
the Life
I am
Steel Will
I am
Steel Will
Steel Will
a Sway
Through These
Bloody Bastards
Steel Will
Steel Will
Steel Will


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Howard Pyle

Howard Pyle

the Kennels of Men

my Biggest
That I
Will Have
to Kill

the Seer
There Were
As Men

Was Him
you See
the Taste
was Acquired
the Kennels
the Pen
They Taught
the Value
of Sin

Did Not
On Wit
you Lived

Was Standing
Out Side
Did Not
That my
Is Fear


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Weird Tales Magazine‘s

status update.

What have you been reading?

It’s been a while since we asked.

Peter Paul Rubens

Peter Paul Rubens

The Story

Weird Tales Magazine


to Kill
by B27321


I had just Gotten Out after a 6yr Stretch,
For an Armed Robbery Gone Bad,
Really Bad.
Fell In with the Carnie Crowd,
Started working with Them through the
Half Way House.
We use to Joke,
Half Way to Hell.
Like Most Jokes Cons make,

It’s not really a
Where Men

Prey upon


Life Is


In Snack


What Would


Call It.

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