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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Howard Pyle

16 Candles

Flaming Embers

of Pain That Resides

to Blow

Nobody Knows

the Secrets I Hide

Eyes That Shine

To Proud to

As I Crumble Inside

Birthday Years

the Bloody Gears

That Push me To

16 Candles

Where’s the Handle

to Save my Life


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Henry Fuseli

Second Sight

my Oldest Dream



I as a Child

In my Boy Hood Home

Hear a Thing That’s Crying

In the Bath Tub Down the Hall

I am Frozen

Filled With Dread

but I Must Know

I Must Go a Head

So I Pull a Side the Sheet

to Find

a Baby Balling

Through Blue Eyes

Looking Up At me

It’s Head Was Detached you See

Laying At Its Feet

It Was Accusing

Like I Had Done This Despicable Deed

Many Years Later

That Scene Would Become Reality


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Speculum Virginum

Speculum Virginum

Tempted to Eat the Gun
Every Day
That I a Wake
To the Slum
That Is my Life
To End
That Which
Of Begun
A Mistake
That Makes
me Regret
Who I am
Born to Be
Cast a Side
Left to Die
But I Did Not
the Many Times
I Threw my Life On the Line
to See
If In Side
Was Real or Fake
I Struggled On
Dreaming Of Steel
to End my Twisted Fate
Wait you Say
Before It Is Too Late
Surely It Is Just Testing
a Crucible
to Bake
a Better Man
That Has to Be the Plan
40 Years of Prison & Pain
of Loss & Never a Gain
& Only I to Blame
Puts That Lie to Shame
When the Entertainment Stops
& It’s Just me
& my
Hollow Hollow Heart
a Hole That I Can Not Stop
Nor Look a Way
the Empty Spot
That Captivates me
With What I am Not
my Biggest Sin
the Singing Pen
Would Save me From my Plate
a Meal Hard to Swill
Full of Bitterness & Hate
Set In Verse
to Be Read
They Pull me From the Hearse
the Ink was Thin
Iron For the Win
to Blot a Way the Stain
That Was my Name
From the Book of Eternal Life
This 38 Will Be my Wife
Her Leaden Kiss
Wedded Bliss
& a Sweet Here After
So you Say
What a Play
If Only a Helping Hand Was Offered


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Vicente Carducho

Vicente Carducho

Black Book

So It Seems,

you Come To me.
After Years of Pain UnTold,
Searching For the Words To Sell my Soul.
Blood & Sacrifice;
the Darkest of Deeds Has Made you Real.
A Bargain To Seal.
Would you Grant my Wish,
Ever Lasting Youth
or Am I to Play the Stooge;
a Blasphemous Fool.
Too Late For Regrets,
the Game Is Screwed.

Taken From
the Private
of #B27321
Last Son
of a
Fallen Line



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