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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Francisco Lameyer

you Say you Love


Truth & the Flag

but you Wipe your Ass

With It Like a Dirty Rag

I Say Here Is a Man

Imprisoned For Truth

& you Won’t

Even Give me a Look

Why Is It People

Have to Die

to Open Up

your Fucking Eye



Do Rules

Only Apply to Common Men


to Feed you In your Bed



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Gustave Dore

of Krynn
of Sin
the Dark Queen’s
Sordid Git
Stars Fall
Constellations Worth
to Fight & Die
& Then Transport
This World Dies
the Struggle Continues
For the Just
For We Are All Flawed
& Chaos Must
Fall Before
a Kender’s Lust
the Child
That Never Dies
Still Lives
Behind Our Eyes
the Twinkle
of Mischief
What’s Behind
the Next Sun Rise
( the Jewel That Cried )



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Battle of Auray

Silver & Fire
Have Saved my Soul
In a Cavern of Old
a Pirates Treasure
to Fill Publius’s Ledger
Ole Bloody Tranicos
I Crossed the Door
& Was Sure
That I Would Have to Die
No Human Hand or Iron Band
Could Pierce That Demon’s Hide
I Had to Use
Forgotten Lore
Held Deep With In my Mind
to Show
a Savage Soul
Equal to My Size 



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Howard Pyle

16 Candles

Flaming Embers

of Pain That Resides

to Blow

Nobody Knows

the Secrets I Hide

Eyes That Shine

To Proud to

As I Crumble Inside

Birthday Years

the Bloody Gears

That Push me To

16 Candles

Where’s the Handle

to Save my Life



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Thomas Cole

There Is

In the System

All you Have to Do Is Listen

To the of my Cry

No Support

Just a Short Rope

As I Strangle

& Die



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Hans Burgkmair

Death Rides
By my
In This
of Mine
a Soldier
of Fortune
Who None
May Chide
A Blade
of Honor
the Rising
When Ball
& Musket
Will Out
the Time
When Personal
Could Decide
the Crime
& One
Not Millions
Would Have
to Die



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Józef Brandt


or Die

On a

Don’t you

Don’t you




I See

I See

you Had

to Play

the Freak




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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Howard Pyle

How the World Fell

They Said It Was an Invisible Planet,
They Were Wrong;
Dead Wrong.
It Was a Second Moon,
a Hellish Moon
to come Ripping Past;
Causing Cataclysmic Damage
& Eclipsing our Sun.
That Orb,
Like a Red Eye;
All Ways Watching,
Like a Scarlet Stain
At the Center of Our Sun;
Blocking a Quarter of It’s Light
& Giving Things a Crimson Cast.
Those That Did Not Die
When the Anarchy Hit,
Soon Perished
In the Floods & Famine
As Continents Took New Shapes
& the Food
& LiveStock
were Radically Changed
& Diminished.
For Food Did Not Grow Like It Once Did
& Animals Behaved Differently,
Much Like we Did,
but One Thing Did Do Well,
Rats the Size of Large Dogs.
Hideous Pale Things
That Crawled From Their Holes
In the Night
& Ran Across
the Twisted Landscape
Bringing Death
& Disease.
Imagine If you Will
a Ruined Grave Yard
Where the Remnants of Humanity
& Hide,
Ruled by Cadaverous Rats
Under a Pale Red Light.
That Is my Hell,
How the World Fell.



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Howard Pyle


Things I Have Seen
In Drug Induced Dreams.
the Parting Of the Veil.
Could This Be Real.
I Knew you Were to Die
I Saw you Go Bye.
Not a Word Did you Speak
As you Slipped Into Sleep,
But I Saw In your Eyes
Some Thing That Haunts me InSide.
Maybe It Was Just Don’t Be Afraid
or Life Is More Than It Looks,
But I Can Not Decipher That Stare.
So When the Phone Call Came
It Rang & It Rang
& Sang of Decay.
I Was Not Surprised
Just Misty Eyed.
Though Nights When I am Alone
I Try to Break That Code,
But I Find
I Am Too Simple of Mind
& It
Falls Further From my Hand.
Maybe It Was Just the Mystery
I Needed to See
to Spur me On
to Greater Deeds.
I Do Not Know,
I Question So,
Circles Go



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Hans Leu the Elder

Pay Back

I First Heard of Him

When He Came Before the Ethics Committee.

During the Trial of Edwin Mercer

Head of the Obama Corp,

For Crimes Against Humanity.

For the Genetic Testing & Research

He Had Conducted On Inmates

of Both Mental Health Facilities & Prisons

or Any One Else He Pleased

Like the Murder & Detainment

of Any One Who Got In His Way;

Families, Lawyers, Judges

He Killed Them All.

I Will Never Forget

How That Nondescript Man

Walked Down That Aisle

& Demanded

In a Booming Voice

I Claim the Oldest Law of Them All,

I Claim the Right of An Eye For An Eye,

Just As This Man Murdered So Many

He Shall Die

Not Coddled In a Cage

but Right Now

Like the Dog He Is.

I am

Pay Back

& Then

the Screaming Began

As the Bones Were Broken

From His Toes On Up

Till Just a Gurgling,

Mewing, Mess Was Left

& Then Just a Stain.

I Would Learn Later

He Was a Master of Disguise

As Well As

His Own Bodies Matter,

He Could Absorb Any Force Directed At Him

Then UnLeash It How & When He Chose.

Abilities Given to Him by the Very Corporation

of the Man He Had Just Killed.

He Was Test Subject


 & Now He Was a God

Now you Couldn’t Crack His Skin

or Poison His Wine

Now you Can’t Kill Him

He Just Won’t Die


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