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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Hans Leu the Elder

Pay Back

I First Heard of Him

When He Came Before the Ethics Committee.

During the Trial of Edwin Mercer

Head of the Obama Corp,

For Crimes Against Humanity.

For the Genetic Testing & Research

He Had Conducted On Inmates

of Both Mental Health Facilities & Prisons

or Any One Else He Pleased

Like the Murder & Detainment

of Any One Who Got In His Way;

Families, Lawyers, Judges

He Killed Them All.

I Will Never Forget

How That Nondescript Man

Walked Down That Aisle

& Demanded

In a Booming Voice

I Claim the Oldest Law of Them All,

I Claim the Right of An Eye For An Eye,

Just As This Man Murdered So Many

He Shall Die

Not Coddled In a Cage

but Right Now

Like the Dog He Is.

I am

Pay Back

& Then

the Screaming Began

As the Bones Were Broken

From His Toes On Up

Till Just a Gurgling,

Mewing, Mess Was Left

& Then Just a Stain.

I Would Learn Later

He Was a Master of Disguise

As Well As

His Own Bodies Matter,

He Could Absorb Any Force Directed At Him

Then UnLeash It How & When He Chose.

Abilities Given to Him by the Very Corporation

of the Man He Had Just Killed.

He Was Test Subject


 & Now He Was a God

Now you Couldn’t Crack His Skin

or Poison His Wine

Now you Can’t Kill Him

He Just Won’t Die


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Henry Fuseli

Ravioli Knights

a Broken Ring,
a Vow
That Means
Nothing Now,
Like Spread Thighs;
Cottage Cheese For Seasoning.
That Should Have Been
Like Glue,
Like Rot
Seven Seasons Dead.
In This Room
I Have Been Held
For the Murders of you
I Thought a Friend
& the Mob Who
Bought It
Trying For my Head.
Just me you See
With a Canned Good
Against you
& Three.
the Misery I With Stood
2 To the Chest
& One Beside the Eye.
the 45 Caliber Kind.
to Drain & Die
On This Kitchen Floor
Was Not What I Was Made For.
If I Was to Die
It Was to Be In Battle Sweet
or Between the Legs
of a Lady Riding High.
Not Treachery
Both Foul & Deep.
Luring me With Sex & Song
to the Valley of Sleep;
Having Done
I Went For a Bottle of Beer
& Surprise Who Should I Meet
But 3 Long Shadows
Waiting There For me.
Down I Was InDeed,
Blood Red Agony,
Not a Breath to Breathe,
Pain Bright Dizzying.
Laying There Wondering
If This Was the End For me,
the Vest Had Not Held
& Crimson Was Blossoming.
They Left to Check & See,
To Get the Stuff to Dismantle me.
In the Tub to Bleed
& Then the Cutting;
No, No,
Not For me
As I Slipped Ravioli In a Sock.
I Came to Crush your Skull
my Lovely Little Girl.
Then the Man
Who Came to Gut me Like a Pig
& Then the 2
to Help Move.
It Was Such a Gristly Scene,
Had to Be Burning.
I Will Never Forget
That Night.
Standing Above
Those Broken Things
Screaming Triumphantly
As the Kerosene Burned Bright,
Ravioli Nights


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy




What Is Stranger
Than Looking
In to the Eyes
of a Man
you Will Never Meet.
a Wooden Effigy
of a Man
Meant to Save me.
Save me,
From What
a World Gone Mad
From Lust & Spite.
From Religions
Screaming Kill, Kill, Kill,
In the Dead of Night.
From Politicians
Who Want
to Control my Every Right.
What Is Stranger
Than the T.V. Blasting Media
to Make me Number & Dumber
Than Ever Before.
Till I am So Scared
of a Quite Mind
That Constant
& Instant Gratification
Has Drove me Nuts.
Staring In to the Eyes
of a Freak,
a Man Who Thinks
He Can Be Free.
That Shackles & Prison
Don’t Mean a Thing.
That Broken Wings Can Fly.
Stranger, That Man Is me,
the Mirror Reflecting
Till Cracks
Are All I See.
Stranger, Stranger, Stranger,
the Stranger Is me.
Cut Off From the World,
Till my Soul Screams
For Human Touch,
But Strangers, Strangers,
Are All I See.
Strangers to the Pain & Tough,
Strangers When we Know
we Die a Lone.
What Is Stranger
Than Forcing my Mind & Thoughts
In to 200 Word Counts,
to Appease
my Greed & your Need.


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Christopher Paudiss

Christopher Paudiss

This Wooden
a Bloody
the Mangled
Of the
That Has
Laid my
the Pieces

am Lost

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