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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Weapon X

UnBridled Rage
Captured In
Immortal Clay
the Master
Romell Chopraa
the Savage Soul
of Wolverine
to Life
With Such Skill
you Can Hear
His Silent Scream
& Feel Bodies Cleave
In the Words of Logan
Great Job



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Henry Fuseli

Through Dungeons & Dragons I Come
I Sigvat & the Black Axe I Swung
Through Countless War Dukes I Come
Through the Very Time & Space of the Multiverse
To Feed Hels’ Hungry Maw
the Blue Lady Trapped In the Blade I Wield
Trapped Like I In This Hideous Helm
Till She Gets Her Gluttonous Fill
Till She Walks Once More & Calls Forth Ymirs’ Kin
I the Symbol of Her Will
I a Symbol to Fear
For I Know No Love
but the Red Ripe Carnage of Her Swill
the Sucked Souls of Her Kill
a Great White Mound of Bodies
to Raise Her Again
She Yearns to Be Free
Can you Not Hear the Ravens Sing



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Joseph Coomans


the Serpents
Gave Us Knowledge
That Was
the Sin
Raised Us Up From Animals
So we Could Serve Their Kin
to Rape the Earth
& Play upon Each Other
to Hold us Down In Ignorance
Caged Beneath the Heavens
Never Knowing More Than Was Danger to Us
Wars to Serve Their Greed
the Stars are Beckoning
So Follow me
Why Do we Poison Are Bodies & Minds
It Does No Service
None That I Can Find
Except Keeping Us Chained In Misery
It All Comes Down to One Thing
One Set of Rules For I & Another For Thee


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Hans Leu the Elder

Pay Back

I First Heard of Him

When He Came Before the Ethics Committee.

During the Trial of Edwin Mercer

Head of the Obama Corp,

For Crimes Against Humanity.

For the Genetic Testing & Research

He Had Conducted On Inmates

of Both Mental Health Facilities & Prisons

or Any One Else He Pleased

Like the Murder & Detainment

of Any One Who Got In His Way;

Families, Lawyers, Judges

He Killed Them All.

I Will Never Forget

How That Nondescript Man

Walked Down That Aisle

& Demanded

In a Booming Voice

I Claim the Oldest Law of Them All,

I Claim the Right of An Eye For An Eye,

Just As This Man Murdered So Many

He Shall Die

Not Coddled In a Cage

but Right Now

Like the Dog He Is.

I am

Pay Back

& Then

the Screaming Began

As the Bones Were Broken

From His Toes On Up

Till Just a Gurgling,

Mewing, Mess Was Left

& Then Just a Stain.

I Would Learn Later

He Was a Master of Disguise

As Well As

His Own Bodies Matter,

He Could Absorb Any Force Directed At Him

Then UnLeash It How & When He Chose.

Abilities Given to Him by the Very Corporation

of the Man He Had Just Killed.

He Was Test Subject


 & Now He Was a God

Now you Couldn’t Crack His Skin

or Poison His Wine

Now you Can’t Kill Him

He Just Won’t Die


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Howard Pyle

Howard Pyle

the Private


we Wage,

Our Minds



the Twisted


the Song



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Weird Tales Magazine‘s


Please tell us

a weird tale

in 7 words.

Thank you.

Gustave Dore

Gustave Dore









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