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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Henry Fuseli

Second Sight

my Oldest Dream



I as a Child

In my Boy Hood Home

Hear a Thing That’s Crying

In the Bath Tub Down the Hall

I am Frozen

Filled With Dread

but I Must Know

I Must Go a Head

So I Pull a Side the Sheet

to Find

a Baby Balling

Through Blue Eyes

Looking Up At me

It’s Head Was Detached you See

Laying At Its Feet

It Was Accusing

Like I Had Done This Despicable Deed

Many Years Later

That Scene Would Become Reality


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Howard Pyle

Rusty Cage

I Was Attending Worden Alternative School
When the Grunge Scene Hit Full Swing.
Still Jamming to the Misfits & Glenn;
to Seasons …
& Cliff & the Anger At His Loss; Justice …
So Cobain & Chains & Even Garden Were No Maiden;
They Didn’t Even Make my List
Except For a Few Hits.
Just, the Echo of the Seattle Drug Scene;
the Cold Dirty Streets,
the Need,
I Too Have Known the Grip of Addiction,
the Bottle,
the Pill,
the Needle,
the Knife;
But my Oldest Friend
She Be Suicide.
She Came To me In a Darkened Room
While I Attended That Fucked Up School
Whispering In my Ear
Come With me
With Out a Care.
Contemplating What He Did Do,
the Marks On my Hide
Earned me Juvie Time
Not the Big House Yet
That Was Next.
It Was the Epiphany
That Life Had No Place For me.
She Did Not Lie.
Like Starving Rats In a Trap
How we Climb,
the Filthy, Clawing,
Beast That Is Man.
Some Say It Is Cowardice,
But Is It Not
the Biggest Leap of Faith
a Man May Make
to Flee His Rusty Cage
& Soar Free.
I Do Not Know
Nor Have Any Returned.

In Parting
I Will Close This
With a Piece I Wrote
Concerning the Death
of Robert E. Howard.

How can
we Fathom
or what
to that
To Live
the Endless


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Henry Fuseli

Ravioli Knights

a Broken Ring,
a Vow
That Means
Nothing Now,
Like Spread Thighs;
Cottage Cheese For Seasoning.
That Should Have Been
Like Glue,
Like Rot
Seven Seasons Dead.
In This Room
I Have Been Held
For the Murders of you
I Thought a Friend
& the Mob Who
Bought It
Trying For my Head.
Just me you See
With a Canned Good
Against you
& Three.
the Misery I With Stood
2 To the Chest
& One Beside the Eye.
the 45 Caliber Kind.
to Drain & Die
On This Kitchen Floor
Was Not What I Was Made For.
If I Was to Die
It Was to Be In Battle Sweet
or Between the Legs
of a Lady Riding High.
Not Treachery
Both Foul & Deep.
Luring me With Sex & Song
to the Valley of Sleep;
Having Done
I Went For a Bottle of Beer
& Surprise Who Should I Meet
But 3 Long Shadows
Waiting There For me.
Down I Was InDeed,
Blood Red Agony,
Not a Breath to Breathe,
Pain Bright Dizzying.
Laying There Wondering
If This Was the End For me,
the Vest Had Not Held
& Crimson Was Blossoming.
They Left to Check & See,
To Get the Stuff to Dismantle me.
In the Tub to Bleed
& Then the Cutting;
No, No,
Not For me
As I Slipped Ravioli In a Sock.
I Came to Crush your Skull
my Lovely Little Girl.
Then the Man
Who Came to Gut me Like a Pig
& Then the 2
to Help Move.
It Was Such a Gristly Scene,
Had to Be Burning.
I Will Never Forget
That Night.
Standing Above
Those Broken Things
Screaming Triumphantly
As the Kerosene Burned Bright,
Ravioli Nights


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Gustave Dore

Gustave Dore


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