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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy




What Is Stranger
Than Looking
In to the Eyes
of a Man
you Will Never Meet.
a Wooden Effigy
of a Man
Meant to Save me.
Save me,
From What
a World Gone Mad
From Lust & Spite.
From Religions
Screaming Kill, Kill, Kill,
In the Dead of Night.
From Politicians
Who Want
to Control my Every Right.
What Is Stranger
Than the T.V. Blasting Media
to Make me Number & Dumber
Than Ever Before.
Till I am So Scared
of a Quite Mind
That Constant
& Instant Gratification
Has Drove me Nuts.
Staring In to the Eyes
of a Freak,
a Man Who Thinks
He Can Be Free.
That Shackles & Prison
Don’t Mean a Thing.
That Broken Wings Can Fly.
Stranger, That Man Is me,
the Mirror Reflecting
Till Cracks
Are All I See.
Stranger, Stranger, Stranger,
the Stranger Is me.
Cut Off From the World,
Till my Soul Screams
For Human Touch,
But Strangers, Strangers,
Are All I See.
Strangers to the Pain & Tough,
Strangers When we Know
we Die a Lone.
What Is Stranger
Than Forcing my Mind & Thoughts
In to 200 Word Counts,
to Appease
my Greed & your Need.



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Félicien Rops

Félicien Rops

What Should I Compose

a Story About;

a Loner,

a Woman,



How About a Goat,

See; There was a Goat

Walking Down the Street.
Yeah, a Goat

& It Came Up To me

& Asked For a Smoke.
So, I Put One In Its Mouth

& Lit It.
Cause, you Know


Don’t Have Hands.
Well, If It Did;

That Would be Some Kind

of Freak.
It Stood There Puffing

a Way

& I Must Say

the Most Disconcerting Thing

About the Whole Fray

was Its

I Don’t Know

If you Have Ever Had

a Huge Black Goat

With a Devil’s Pentagram

Branded In Its Fore Head;

Stare At you

With Those Black;

Soul Less

In Humane

Well; If you Have,

Then you Have

a Notion

Of a Very



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