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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

The Story of the Greatest Nations

Hordes of Death
Have Not Stopped me Yet
I a Cimmerian Son
From the Somber Land
of Steel & Bloodied Hand
a Beautiful Slave my Queen
She Who Set me Free
& Allowed me to Be
the King That I am
a Ruler of the Land
Noble Just & Right
a Lion & His Wife 



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Nikolas Gysis

Nikolas Gysis

The Looking Glass

Most Darkly

The Looking Glass

Most Darkly
as I Peer Into

your Inner Most Sins.
Dark In Deed

Is the Sight

That Greets me,
Black & White

& Splattered Red.
Half Formed

Baby Heads

& Virgin Skin,
Jars of Nightmares

Rendered Real.
All as I Pray

you Don’t See me,
my Horrified Eye,
with Shocked Disbelief.
As the Most

Beautiful Women

I Have Ever Seen,
Comes Forth

From the Floor

& Kisses your Ring.
Startling Red

& Naked as Aphrodite

Risen From the Sea.
Transfixed She Met Mine;
Lust Intertwined my Mind.
Passions Played Out

& Greeted Eagerly;
Time Ceased to Count
as I Continued to Mount,
Her Eyes Blazing Still.

Taken From
the Private
of #B27321
Last Son
of a
Fallen Line 


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

William Etty

William Etty

Off Chasing

Butter Flies

with Beautiful






a Tasty



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