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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

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All This Time

but No

you Say To me

Is All I See

to Stay my Vote

the Wrote


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya

your Momma, Obama

His Name Was
your Momma Obama.
Leader of the Muslin Brother Hood,
a Savior Sent to Brutalize Women & Kill Gays.
an Acid Bath or Muzzle Blast was All the Same;
& the Liberals Scream
Let’s Give Them Our Vote.
Fuck the Republic
Give Them Our Throat.
Jihad Is Great.
Jihad Is Good.
Flaming Ruins
Where Palaces Once Stood.
Burn Books, Preach Hate
& Blame me
Cause I Won’t Convert.
Jihad Is Great.
Jihad Is Good.
At Least we Are Not Nailed
to a Piece of Wood.
or Am I Just Miss Under Stood.
Barbarians At the Gate
& you Demand Rape.

I am Just Saying Vet
So we Know What we Get.


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy




Lend me





Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole

A Hundred Words

A Hundred Words

It Must Be

you Said To me.
What to Pull From my Head

to Fill This Thread.
Since Word Count

Is Pressed Upon Thee,
Thy Enemy.
Let’s See

What Will Flee

From This Starving Mind.
Story Time
& I Can Not Find

a Thing to Fill This Blank Page.
I Try to Rhyme

Making It Harder Still.
Hoping the Flow

Will Help me To the Goal,
Still my Skill Falters
& a Hundred Words

Looms Like a Prison Gate.
I Roll my Shoulders,

Crack my Neck & Smile.
Glad to See

I Still Got What It Takes.

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