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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy


  the Man
the Myth
the Magic
That Guided His Hand
Transported me
to Distant Lands
Who Made me Dream
of I Can
Like His Grim Dark Heroes
Beckoning me Beneath the Covers
to Gain the Love of a Queen
a Love So Clean
Through Time & Space I Would Come
to Throw my Life at Her Feet
the Greatest Man Ever Made
a Man of Bestial Breed
Who Toppled Kingdoms
a Lion of the Sea



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Henry Fuseli

Last Chance/

the Great Expanse

50 Words
of Sci/Fi
of Distant Moons
the Shadows They Cast
of Humanity
Legends of the Lost Past
Savior From the Heaven
Save us We Ask
Divinities Children
Spoiled Brats
We Who Woke In a Garden of Eden
Turned to Ash
Last Chance
Countless Planets
the Expanse



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