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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Hans Leu the Elder

Pay Back

I First Heard of Him

When He Came Before the Ethics Committee.

During the Trial of Edwin Mercer

Head of the Obama Corp,

For Crimes Against Humanity.

For the Genetic Testing & Research

He Had Conducted On Inmates

of Both Mental Health Facilities & Prisons

or Any One Else He Pleased

Like the Murder & Detainment

of Any One Who Got In His Way;

Families, Lawyers, Judges

He Killed Them All.

I Will Never Forget

How That Nondescript Man

Walked Down That Aisle

& Demanded

In a Booming Voice

I Claim the Oldest Law of Them All,

I Claim the Right of An Eye For An Eye,

Just As This Man Murdered So Many

He Shall Die

Not Coddled In a Cage

but Right Now

Like the Dog He Is.

I am

Pay Back

& Then

the Screaming Began

As the Bones Were Broken

From His Toes On Up

Till Just a Gurgling,

Mewing, Mess Was Left

& Then Just a Stain.

I Would Learn Later

He Was a Master of Disguise

As Well As

His Own Bodies Matter,

He Could Absorb Any Force Directed At Him

Then UnLeash It How & When He Chose.

Abilities Given to Him by the Very Corporation

of the Man He Had Just Killed.

He Was Test Subject


 & Now He Was a God

Now you Couldn’t Crack His Skin

or Poison His Wine

Now you Can’t Kill Him

He Just Won’t Die


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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy




Lend me





Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole

A Hundred Words

A Hundred Words

It Must Be

you Said To me.
What to Pull From my Head

to Fill This Thread.
Since Word Count

Is Pressed Upon Thee,
Thy Enemy.
Let’s See

What Will Flee

From This Starving Mind.
Story Time
& I Can Not Find

a Thing to Fill This Blank Page.
I Try to Rhyme

Making It Harder Still.
Hoping the Flow

Will Help me To the Goal,
Still my Skill Falters
& a Hundred Words

Looms Like a Prison Gate.
I Roll my Shoulders,

Crack my Neck & Smile.
Glad to See

I Still Got What It Takes.

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