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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy


I Try to Bring
What Little Attention I Can
To the Cause
Make Them Pause
& Say
What Are we Doing to This Man
Keeping It Relevant
So They Can’t Forget It
I Plaster my Words Across the Land

B27321 @B27321

Replying to





Pots & Pans

to Save This Man

Pots & Pans

to Save This Man

Pots & Pans

to Save This Man

They’re Trying to Kill Him

Kill Him

Kill Him





the Forbidden Fruit


my Favorite Pic

of Him

Till He’s Home

with His Mom & Kids 

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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Peter Nicolai Arbo

a Mother Fights For Her Cub

That’s Love

Can you Not See This Is Wrong

Stand Strong


Can We

Do Any Less

For Her Son

you Deserve

a Rest

After Defending your Nest

I Hope you Feel Better

& your Son’s

Pain Is Less

We Will Continue To Test

Is Human Decency Left


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