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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy


  the Man
the Myth
the Magic
That Guided His Hand
Transported me
to Distant Lands
Who Made me Dream
of I Can
Like His Grim Dark Heroes
Beckoning me Beneath the Covers
to Gain the Love of a Queen
a Love So Clean
Through Time & Space I Would Come
to Throw my Life at Her Feet
the Greatest Man Ever Made
a Man of Bestial Breed
Who Toppled Kingdoms
a Lion of the Sea



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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

Joseph Coomans


the Serpents
Gave Us Knowledge
That Was
the Sin
Raised Us Up From Animals
So we Could Serve Their Kin
to Rape the Earth
& Play upon Each Other
to Hold us Down In Ignorance
Caged Beneath the Heavens
Never Knowing More Than Was Danger to Us
Wars to Serve Their Greed
the Stars are Beckoning
So Follow me
Why Do we Poison Are Bodies & Minds
It Does No Service
None That I Can Find
Except Keeping Us Chained In Misery
It All Comes Down to One Thing
One Set of Rules For I & Another For Thee


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